Our Ethos

At EwI, we deliver insight. Our unique approach to learning is based on the below principles:

We are balanced


Our programmes are designed to give students a balanced view. We are careful to curate programmes that allow for the exploration of a variety of subject areas from multiple perspectives.

We are specific


By concentrating our teaching on a specific region we are able to delve into the detail of how development works there and consider the many contrasts and contradictions with greater clarity. 

We are innovative 


We incorporate a number of different teaching methods into our programmes and are always innovating. From practitioner-led lectures in situ to informal fireside seminars. Our programmes support the work that takes place in the lecture theatre by providing on the ground insight that contextualises theoretical learning.

Why Choose Us?



As experienced employers of graduate talent ourselves, we can safely say that the EwI approach gives students an edge that will help them to stand out in the marketplace. Uniquely designed to develop a nuanced and highly practical view, our programmes give students something tangible to point to as they attend their graduate interviews and move forward in their development careers.



Our programmes give students a deeper understanding of cultures, histories and development work in practice. They will graduate armed with knowledge that they can utilise in their future studies, careers and in their everyday lives. The insight students gain with us will no doubt prompt searching questions that could form the basis of a dissertation or thesis proposal.



We provide students with a more enriching university experience by giving them an opportunity to explore fascinating countries, meet with a diverse range of people and engage in intellectual and cultural exchange. One of the ways in which we do this is by guaranteeing a number of free programme places each year for Kenyan students. In our experience, this can have an impact far beyond the realm of education, making us all richer human beings.


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