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About Us

Education with Insight (EwI) fosters aspiring development professionals through exposure to the realities of development work. We design immersive programmes in Kenya, delivered by influential practitioners and sector leaders, that contextualise the academic study of development, providing insight into the richness and complexity of the challenges facing developing nations.


Why Choose Us?


EwI provides students with the practical insight and experience that employers are looking for.



EwI gives students a deeper understanding of cultures, histories and development work in practice.



EwI connects students with a global network and provides opportunities for cultural exchange.

“The EwI approach is an excellent way to educate and inspire tomorrow's changemakers. We need more graduates with this kind of experience.”


Dr. Crystal Mogensen Ph.D - CEO, The Maa Trust


Our Story

Meet James, Jessica, Ben & Lorelle.​

We believe that in order to truly change the world we must all take the long view, educate ourselves now in order to do the most good later. We must fully understand the richness of our cultural diversity and the challenges we as global citizens face, not just in theory but in practice.


Enter Education with Insight.


We're committed to ensuring that our Kenyan peers benefit from our programmes, too. That's why we've created The EwI Changemaker Scholarship. Awarded to a limited number of passionate undergraduates each year, the scholarship covers 100% of our programme cost. Through removing financial barriers, we hope to engage future Kenyan professionals and leaders; to share knowledge and ideas as global citizens and ultimately create a richer experience for all of our students.

Our Programme

Our 10-day programme is designed to cover a range of important themes; from urban equality to wildlife conservation. Take a look at the planned activities and notable speakers that make up our current itinerary. 

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